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tXtBlocker ® is the answer to…

texting while driving

Safer driving for everyone

Talking on the phone and texting while driving is a bad idea, especially for young drivers who are constantly in touch with friends. Estimates show that 20 percent of drivers are sending and receiving texts behind the wheel, and that number increases to 66 percent when drivers between the ages of 18-24 are considered. While there are no studies showing how many crashes were the result of texting, we do know that taking your eyes off the road for more than two seconds doubles the likelihood of an accident. With tXtBlocker®, you can ensure safe driving for your whole family.
Text messaging at school

Customized phone use based on location

Mobile phone use while driving isn’t the only problem. Location matters too! Text messaging at school is epidemic. Teachers are having an increasing problem with students using mobile phones during class times. And it’s not just passing notes either; sharing answers to tests is becoming a big problem. Make sure the gift of a mobile phone is used properly with controls that let you limit phone use in specific locations at specific times with tXtBlocker®.
Text messaging at school

Safer phone use in the workplace

Dangerous or inappropriate behaviors with mobile phones aren’t limited to teens. Many job related accidents are now attributed to mobile phone distractions. If you have invested in phones for your company and employ drivers in your business, have employees that travel frequently for work, or drive to and from the office every day, you can provide a safer workplace by using our sister product FleetMode. To learn more about FleetMode click here: http:/
With your permission, the tXtBlocker software can help you customize mobile phone controls.
Learn more about how tXtBlocker automatically monitors and customizes mobile phone use: Click here