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Core Features Core features included in all plans.


Locate Phones

Locate phones in real time and customize your settings through our online map interface.


No-Cell Zones

Set up No-Cell Zones to limit distractions at school or in the workplace. It allows you to automatically reply to texts when you’re driving, silence your ringer.


Useful Reports

The ability to monitor and receive reports on driver behavior, including drive time, speeding, past location history.

txtblocker blackberry

99.9% Uptime

Unlimited Access to phone location information via the dashboard. Unlimited No-Cell Zone alerts via email. Unlimited 24 / 7 live chat support. Last 30 days of location history via tXtBlocker™ dashboard.

Quotes from peopleQuotes from magazines

“Consumer Reports’ statement that txtBlocker is the most effective anti-texting product they’ve tested is flattering, and highlights the ease-of-use and added functionality of our product amongst competing solutions,”
Stan Van Meter, president of United Efficiency, Inc.

“If you’re trying to not text and drive and be a good model citizen or trying to break the habit of texting while driving, then maybe the app would help you,”
USA Today / link

“Compatible with a wide range of smartphones, this app allows users to customize the locations and times of day—such as routine commuting or driving times—when texts and phone calls aren’t accepted,”
Nationwide Recommended / link

“Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of road fatalities in the U.S, responsible for as many as 20 percent of all crashes involving injury or death. tXtBlocker is one of most popular applications that have been specifically designed to disable cellphone and smartphone features while younger drivers are behind the wheel,”
Online Mom / link

99.9% Uptime // Unlimited 24 / 7 live chat support // Plans from $6.99/month // Start your Free Trial Today!